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Corn: The Other Creepy Vegetable

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I decided to grow corn again this year, more for the free stalks I'll get out of it than for the food. Heck, I'm growing about 144 plants, so who can eat 288 ears of corn themselves? :p

Needless to say, I'll be sharing with friends and family.

Anyhow, my plants are just about at full maturity now. They are just under 8 feet tall and nearly all the plants have ears of corn on them. I should be able to start harvesting it in a few days.

I've lost 5 plants to raccoons already and hope they stay the hell away for the rest of the season. With so many plants, I'm not worried about coming up short.

Here's some photos:

Anyone else here growing, or ever grown corn before?
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I thought about making fake corn stalks to use as a scare crow/garden scene I want to have all summer. Not easy to try to come up with "making" corn stalk...they sell fake ones....but for way more money than I have alloted to this project ($ all tied up for Halloween props)....Then I thought, fake corn stalks for Halloween, I hate waiting to get them and having to always haul them home.....maybe monster mud a real stalk? Anybody have some ideas on that?
(I don't have the room in my yard to grow corn, but I see lots of it as i drive the countryside)
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