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It was brought to my attention that some of the links in the Welcome Private Message all new users receive had some dead links in it. Those links pointed to places on the forum's old server, so here is the updated Welcome PM for all to see:
Hi $username,

Welcome to HauntForum.com - a place where like-minded celebrants of Halloween, as well as prop builders and decorators converge to discuss all things spooky! We appreciate you taking the time to register to our forums and hope you enjoy your stay with us. Please read this entire message as it contains importang info on using the forums.

Before you get yourself settled in here, please take a moment to fully fill out your profile so others can learn a little bit about you.

Also, be sure to type in your signature to our built-in signature system. DO NOT manually type your signature into posts. Doing so screws up the search index.

I require you to KNOW the forum rules before you start posting. These rules are in place to ensure a positive environment for discussion. You are expected to follow them!

Until you've reached the 10 post mark, you're under "Newbie restrictions." This means that until you hit 10 posts, certain forum features will have limitations or be unusable to you. Once you hit 10 posts, you will unlock the following features:

  • Edit your own posts.
  • Delete your own posts.
  • Rate threads.
  • Upload attachments.
  • Post and vote on polls.
  • Post calendar events (will be moderated by admin).
  • Set self to invisible mode.
  • Add an image to your signature.
  • Upload a custom avatar.
  • Your birthday will be displayed on the forum home page.

Make it to 1000+ posts and you will unlock further features:

  • Give yourself a custom user title.
  • Upload an animated profile picture.
  • Upload an animated avatar.
  • Can see invisible users.
  • Add moderation-free calendar events.

We also have a Chat room here that's always available to use. Every Saturday from April through October, there is a scheduled chat event where forum users can get together to talk Halloween. Feel free to join in for those, or just stop in there whenever you feel like it. There's almost always someone in there to chat with.

With that stuff said, feel free to make yourself at home. Perhaps you should introduce yourself to everyone via our Welcome Room. You could also get to posting by replying to an existing thread or start your own!

I do ask that you to search the forums before you make a new post, as it may be a topic that has been discussed before. If you do make a duplicate post, I will merge it into the existing thread.

If you have any questions, you can ask the administrator for assistance.

Now, go have some fun! :D

Sincerely, The HauntForum.com staff
Sorry about the confusion. Thank you for your patience.
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