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Costco oversized masks

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I picked these up today at Costco for 25 bucks each. I have no idea why I purchased them.... I have a new found sickness for Halloween. They are distorted because they were in bins. Need to fill them with foam. They are very large. Your prop would need to be 7 feet to look proportionally correct. I put Boris in there for reference.

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Great find! Those are some big masks! What I would do is put a styrofoam wig head in it and stuff some wads of batting around the styrofoam to fill it all out (you can buy bags of it in fabric stores, maybe even Michaels). Then you can attach the head by cutting a hole in the styrofoam neck and fitting it with PVC or whatever you're using.
ScareFx, great idea with the plastic bags. I always think of batting because I have it laying around the house. I use it to plump up the figures I display in the house at Halloween and bags don't cut it when filling out an arm or chest in certain clothing (looks too lumpy) but in a mask you would never know and it's much cheaper to use the bags. Tell me who doesn't have at least 100 plastic bags sitting around the house?!
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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