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Costume help

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Ok so the haunted house that I to the set designs for is a haunted new orleans plantation this year. I know what kinda of makeup I want to do, but i have NO clue what kind of costume i should get...I'm planning on going thrift store shopping for props, so hopefully I may find something. If anyone has any idae or has done this theme for a HH before, let me know!
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I agree, there are some good ideas there. You could also be a slave or a southern belle gent with the little tie ties and suits.

hey, if you want to be scary.. whats that movie where the girl moves into the old plantation house and she ends up believing in voodoo magic so they are able to take her soul...
That movie rocks!!! I forgot the name.... gotta buy it. So are you looking for that type of look for your costume too?
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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