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Costume help

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Ok so the haunted house that I to the set designs for is a haunted new orleans plantation this year. I know what kinda of makeup I want to do, but i have NO clue what kind of costume i should get...I'm planning on going thrift store shopping for props, so hopefully I may find something. If anyone has any idae or has done this theme for a HH before, let me know!
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haha well thats good and alll but well i dont look too good dresses! (im a guy haha) yea we were actually thinking souther belle but for guys we have NO clue
haha well if i had it my way, i would be a greedy bible thumping politician lol but i dont think the local jaycees would be happy with me if i came dressed like that haha i do kinda like a confederate soldier. the only thing is the guy who is in charge is very conservative and may think its too offensive *sigh* but its worth asking about it to him
the make plans are kinda like a generic vampire prosthetic kind of like this (a little different tho)


so the makeup isnt anything big or anything. ill see what i can find at some thrift stores.
o and hell razor, the movie you are thinking of is "Skeleton Key" which is actually what im basin the entire house design on! lol
hey thanks everyone...hellrazor, that feel and look is what im going for
hopefully i will find something old at a thrift store, then destress and dirty it up
thanks for you help!
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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