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Crossing places off the list

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Still seems early, but already there are several places I have crossed off my list of places to go/shop.
Michaels; (stuffs been out for a month and is already picked over)
AC Moore; (same as above)
KMart; (nothing outstanding but will hit it up after H day for sales)
Spencers; (same stuff as Spirit and too cramped due to all their other crap)
WalMart; (Nothing great this year)
Big Lots; (Got a latex vulture there but nothing else looked good to me)

Factory Card Outlet; (some good prices on some neat stuff. One more trip)
Target; (Still have a couple of things in mind.)
Spirit; (Still getting new stuff in and I have a bunch of coupons to use.)
Party City; ( has the biggest display I've ever seen them carry and some neat stuff.)
I figure I'm almost done buying and have 5 weeks to make a few things and refurbish a couple props. I think I'm okay:zombie:

Anyone else done buying?
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Noticed Menards was not on your list dont know if you have one in your area. The Menards hardware store in my area always has a large display of halloween decorations and at a good price. last week I purchased three of those picture frames with the changing images on it. Spirit sells them for $25 Menards had them for $12. they also had Donna the dead for half the price that Michaels did, unless you have the 50% of coupon.
Just another place to check out.
I guess it depends on what location your in, because I've been to the Target near me several times and I can only find the cutesie stuff. I'm into a lot of stuff BUT CUTESIE IS NOT ONE OF THEM!!
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