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Crossing places off the list

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Still seems early, but already there are several places I have crossed off my list of places to go/shop.
Michaels; (stuffs been out for a month and is already picked over)
AC Moore; (same as above)
KMart; (nothing outstanding but will hit it up after H day for sales)
Spencers; (same stuff as Spirit and too cramped due to all their other crap)
WalMart; (Nothing great this year)
Big Lots; (Got a latex vulture there but nothing else looked good to me)

Factory Card Outlet; (some good prices on some neat stuff. One more trip)
Target; (Still have a couple of things in mind.)
Spirit; (Still getting new stuff in and I have a bunch of coupons to use.)
Party City; ( has the biggest display I've ever seen them carry and some neat stuff.)
I figure I'm almost done buying and have 5 weeks to make a few things and refurbish a couple props. I think I'm okay:zombie:

Anyone else done buying?
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Wow no walgreens you must be out in the boons. I to have been disappointed by what our major retailers and even the specialty shops have had to show.

We did pick up things that we want to modify. However, we did start to wonder if we simply have become jaded and will no longer except mass produced decorations.
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