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Darryl's Tombstone Entry

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Here goes:

Pink foam-free from job site
Angel- $9.00
Fake Ivy- $3.00
Gray paint-$1.00 left from other projects
Silver spray paint- $.99
Glue for ivy-$.16
Trace amounts of black,white,green brown yellow-say $5.00 to be on the high side
2 nails to hold angel on-$.05
Additonal images including build and shot of stone with tape at haunt pics.com,
Oh, total height-41 inches.
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I fixed your image link for you. :D

Very nice. I love the garden statue you used on top. I was actually in Stop and Shop today looking at a similar piece and thinking "this would be cool on a tombstone." It does look cool on a tombstone. :)
Looks really cool Darryl! I especially like the red-lit photos AND the last photo that shows your pop-up you'll have hidden behind it during your haunt- but I thought you weren't supposed to use automation! ;)

Nice work. :)
That is really nice. What is the other thing you are working on? Some type of square piece.
That is a very well-made tombstone Darryl, excellent job on the cutting and routing, and good aging technique. I would like to hear more about how you painted and finished.
Far out Darryl, I think this is exactly what the challenge was looking for, a well done headstone in a classic style, presented in the manner in which it will be shown. Two thumbs up dude!
Awesome job Darryl! It looks very very good and I love how you aged it. What did you use to paint that it looks beautiful, and that fake Ivy looks magnificint. Great job.
Funny, my daughter asked me if "that guy who made the tree made a tombstone?" I said yes and she goes "Great, he'll probably win again!!" :cool: LOL
Thanks everyone. Just got a break from the kids on an awesome Fathers Day.
I wish I could tell you how to paint it to look aged. Just used some assorted acrylic paints my wife has had for years. Started with a silver spray paint to "age/melt" the foam. This seemed for some reason to melt it a liitle more than grey or white.
Then started the first try, white mixed with black to try to make it look like the tombstones on my the Hauntpic's page. Miserable mistake, it was late at night and I should have realized that I was using enamel white from the smell, but I was tired. Walked around with white hands for about 4 days since I went to clean the brush and grabbed it with both hands to clean it!!
Came out like crap, thus the second repaint with grey/black base coat. Tried to sponge paint it with mixed colors of green plus tints to give it depth. Looked like a five year old did it.
Third repaint!! Same base grey primer, let dry. Watered down some black paint and dry brushed it on followed by wiping it off with paper towels. Must have the primer dry though or it just mixes the colors. Found that out when I had to repaint one section when I rushed it. Did the same with some white and white/grey mix to give it some depth.
I painted it standing it up so I could kinda' get a feeling for where the water might run down the face and stain it. To much of this and it looks fake. Just added some ivy and mixed some assorted colors to lightly sponge paint the top to look like it had moss on it. I might repaint this part and and brush on some glue and sprinkle on the stuff they use on model railroads to create grass. But I just wanted to get this done so I can start working on my Bucky Skull paper mache project.
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Seems like many people find styrofoam. Wish had that kind of luck. I have to buy mine!

Nice job on the tombstone, man!
AWESOME! thats all I can say! WOW
Very Nice work, I need to redo all my tombstones now, they just dont measure up
Nicely done, darryl! Now I know what to do with those garden cherubs I always see at Michael's. The moss gives a well-aged look. And the pop-up is very cute, too! Looks like a future haunter-in-training.
Great job Darryl.
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