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How-to slideshow for my sign can be viewed here:
sign contest :: dave the dead\'s sign entry remix by davethedead - Photobucket

Materials list:
Big Foam Skull purchased on clearance from Big Lots--- $7.50
Foam Skeleton purchased on clearance from Menard's (prorated <-$3.00> since I didn't use the skull) --- $12.00
Celluclay used on the face and neck--- $1.00
Scrap greatstuff leftover from other projects used as form on face--- $0.25
approx 20 ft. of 3/4 in pvc and misc fittings used for armature and signpost--- $6.50
Greatstuff Hands for skeleton--- $0.50
Wire for fingers--- $0.10
Tissue paper coating for hands--- free
Sculpt or coat used to coat face and hands, attach box labels--- $2.00
Misc. screws used to secure pvc--- $0.50
Trenchcoat purchased from a yardsale--- $0.50
Tin cup purchased from a yardsale--- $0.10
Boots outgrown by my son and left in the backyard ---free
Wood box---sale at curby's---free
2 silly putty eggs, used for eyeballs---empty in old toybox---free
Plywood---used for base and sign---scrounged from work---free
Misc acrylic paints--sign, eyes, hands,bum's hand---$0.40
2 part urethane foam , used to make bum's hand---$1.00
Cementex expired latex, used to coat bum's hand---$1.00
Spraypaints, used to paint skeleton, base, and pvc---scrounged from work during warehouse cleanup----free
1/2 can flourescent green spraypaint---highlight inside of coat---$1.50
One can greatstuff, sprayed into propbox---$2.00
Empty cans, boxes,wires,old paintbrush,scrap pvc pipes----pulled from trash for propbox----free
Paper/ink used to print hauntforum sponsor labels----$0.20
Stocking hat, used for skeleton----$1.00
One dollar placed in cup for photoshoot-----$1.00

MATERIALS TOTAL ----- $38.55

General How-to:
Head: used cast-off greatstuff pieces and celluclay to form stylized face. Sanded, and coated with sculpt or coat. Painted with spraypaint.
Skeleton: 3/4 inch pvc used for armature, painted flat black. I attached a foam skeleton to pvc using screws. Skeleton was painted with spraypaints to match head. Pvc is screwed to base,propbox and signpost to secure pose.
Hands: wire inserted into mold, filled with greatstuff. I then coated the hands with tissue paper and sculpt or coat, then painted to match skeleton.
Sign: Scrap plywood snapped apert to make a very rough shape. Spraypainted to age, then lettered with acrylics.
Propbox: Old wooden box found in trash. Filled with empty cans and greatstuff to look like skeleton's prop making supplies. Wallpapered with Hauntforum Sponsors printed from websites.
Bum's Hand: 2 part urethane poured into rubber glove an allowed to cure. Foam was then sanded and shaped, and given 3 coats of cementex expired latex. Painted highlights with acrylic paints.
Tin cup: Painted to look old, and placed a dollar bill in cup. I have since spent the said dollar.

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Cool Dave ...he is whistlin' Dixie now
very nice head on those shoulders

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True Disney style! Awesome man! What did you attach to the arm to make the bum hand longer?
I used a piece of 2 part urethane foam that was extra spillover from one of my skull molds. Just carved it down to match the hand and coated with the latex.

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This guy needs a soundtrack! You could loop one of the cheapo MP3 players so he can be whistling a tune. Nicely done, DtD!
Well...I just happen to have a few of them, Otaku! Great idea. (I'm sure I'll be checking your MP3 hack soon, anyway!)
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