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Dead Silence prop

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Hey guys,
The theme of my haunted house this year is based on the movie Dead Silence, so one of the scenes is going to be of a guy with his back carved out and turned into a ventriloquist puppet (like in the movie).

Check out my progress thusfar:

This first picture is what the guy looks like in the movie. I paused the movie and took this picture:

Movie still

These are pictures of my prop so far

Torso 1

Torso 2

I made the hole lower than the one in the movie to hide the pvc frame. I still have to make the neck and head. 37 days to go...I better hurry!:zombie:
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that looks pretty sweet...have any pics of the main doll from the movie...have you made that doll yet...I really liked that movie too.
Actually, I'm not going to make a Billy doll because a) I don't know how...and b)I don't think it would actually look like him and c) I don't have time (this is the real answer). I just bought a bunch of vent dummies on ebay, so I will have a wall of dolls kind of like the one in the move.

That is my next project. I'll post pictures when it's done.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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