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Mr. Hemlock Dench.
He is my cemetery caretaker.
He is a knavish, creepy little man.
Bow-legged and hunch-backed, he grins fiendishly out into the darkness at passers by....

Cost Breakdown:

1 hand made foam skull $ 2.00

Polyclay eyes w/tin foil $ 0.75

Paper mache mix of flour, glue, water, pro-rated mix $ 1.04

Paper mache pulp mix flour, glue, chalk, toilet paper, linseed all are pro-rated mix $ 1.79

White glue $ 0.94

Tin foil for ears 3" x 9" piece $ 0.05

5 pieces of florist wire $ 0.15

Masking tape $ 1.00

Paper towels - ½ roll $ 0.50

Newspaper FREE from recycling $ 0.00

Plastic shopping bags FREE from recycling $ 0.00

PVC and elbows $ 8.50

Paint pro-rated $ 3.00

Coat hanger FREE $ 0.00

Plastic bottle FREE from recycling $ 0.00

Scrap hair from old costume hat that had a hair piece. The hat was destroyed at a party, but I knew that hair would get used sooner or later FREE $ 0.00

Disposable Paint Brush for eyebrow hair from pack of 6/1.00, $ 0.17

Black Filter Clothe pieces scraps from our spring yard work $ 0.75

White Fabric Scrap from rag bin and a forgotten cold coffee to dye it FREE $ 0.00

Staples approx. 50 regular office type $ 0.10

A few screws from the junk drawer $ 0.10

Old Shoes thrift store kids section $ 1.00

Scrap Board basement clean-out, was a shelf board that got warped FREE $ 0.00

Old Lantern basement clean-out, mother-n-law was tossing it out! FREE $ 0.00

Broken Garden Rake Handle from the burn pile, cut top off to use, FREE $ 0.00

Old Costume Jacket from 2005 was 2.50 from 2nd hand store when purchased two Halloweens ago, $ 1.25

23.09 Canadian = USD $ 20.02

I have posted more pictures and a description of how Mr. Dench was created on my website http://aranamuerta.com/2007/03/30/cemetery-grounds-keeper/

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unfreakin' amazing!!! Went to your how-to site. You are without a doubt the most talented person I have ever not met.. WOW!!!

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Very well done DS..
nice detail in the face and hands.
great How to also.

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I tell ya, this was one I almost questioned as to whether it was actually $20, but thanks to your incredible thorough walkthrough of how you made it, it lifted all my doubts.

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DS. this is my favorite prop I've seen this year, and maybe even last year. One of these days I'm going ot have to quit making frekin' excuses and do a mache project. Truly impressove. Can't wait to see you out do it
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