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Pity poor Horus. He never really had a chance. Dysfuntional family? Yeah, you could say that. Maybe the oldest brother of four should have turned out better, maybe been in the ground with the rest. But not Horus.

Three years after his youngest brother was born is when things went bad on the Plains. Hard winter that year. And early. Pantry empty, snowed in, the youngest was fat. Succulent really. The remaining family survived.

Two years later young Skeet disappeared, middle of the cold winter night. Mama cried, Pap quiet but resolved. The pantry had been full that season, and yet the meat was fine and well-grained.

Then the next winter Pap said that Jeddy ran away. Mama didn't cry this time, just ladled a little more of the savory red gravy onto the roast.

As Spring grew to Summer, Horus, the last brother, harvested the grain and his parents bid him eat well of the bounty. But his lean stringy muscles remained, made taunt from the hours in the field with the Scythe. He stocked that Falls pantry as never before with not just the bounty of the fields but also of the Scythe he had wielded upon his Mama and Pap. The sweet meat.

Now Horus is alone, his skin black from the beating sun, acres of husks behind him and the singing of the wretched Scythe. So many yet to harvest………..

Wood and PVC support, chicken wire frame, landscape burlap soaked in MM, Bucky skull with Paper Mache.

2X2 particle board base - $2.00
5' 2X4 - $2.25
Chicken Wire - $2.00
8' 1 inch PVC - $2.25
PVC couplings (3-T's, 2-90's, 2-45's) - $3.00
Bucky Skull ACC Sale - $3.25
Paper Towels and glue - $1.00
Burlap Landscape fabric 1/2 roll - $4.00
Scythe from auctioin - $4.00
Craft paint/Spray paint partial cans - $2.00
Sisal rope piece - .75
Hands (Wire,Bic Pens, Great Stuff) - $4.00
Hat (Goodwill) .75
Hair from old mask (Scrap) - Free
Screws and bolts - $1.50
Pipe insulation foam - $1.00

Total - $33.75

Thanks to Krough who continues to innovate the home haunt hobby and all forum members who continue to inspire me.

This is Death Wraith's first MM prop and first time entering a Forum contest.

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I like that ..cooll hat and hair make it just right
Great job DW

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oh yeah... nice... now work on a good lighting scheme for him... I just love those wide-brim hats... not to pick on rural folks, but rural can be scary... !

Are you always like this?
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Very cool! His mouth is quite grotesque... which obviously is a good thing!

It's nice that you took the time to come up with a story to go with him... it gives him a lot of character!
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