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Demon/angel silhouette

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I found something I can work on in the house, under the air-con, until the heat subsides a little. My next door neighbor has a privacy fence and I want to project a silhouette of a demon or fallen angel on it from by basement window. I’m not sure if I want the silhouette of the demon/angel to be light with surrounding shadow or the demon/angel to be pure shadow but, I’m leaning towards the latter.

What I need is a good silhouette to do some tests with. In my minds eye I see a human form sitting on the “ground”, slumped over with hands holding “himself” up, like it just landed after being thrown from Heaven. I want large wings with maybe a bony spike where the wings hinge to let everyone know this is not a good angel.

Anyone have a good image I can use, I've searched Goggle with no luck, or is there an aspiring artist out there that can help me out?
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I'll ask my daughter when she gets home tonight. Fallen Angels are a big thing with her.
Vlad said:
I'll ask my daughter when she gets home tonight. Fallen Angels are a big thing with her.
Thanks Vlad, anything she can do will help. I have one which I'm going to cut-out and test tonight but, if she can come-up with something better I'll take it. :jol:
have you checked out any of Boris Vallejo pics. They are awsome and maybe you can get one from there or just wings here and body there and such . this is a website with over 351 pics on it it has the galleries from like 1980 to 2000 and a special black and white section
How bout the figure on Led Zeppelin's swan song label?
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