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Here is my new project, or at least vision for my 2011 haunt. I want to do all DIY on the cheap great looking LED lighting that isn't all battery powered for ease of use and to be "green". Lets face it, a lot of the early DIY LED posts are broken or antiquated. Let's try to make this current for 2011.

click the link below


I hope we start a helpful conversation for all haunters. Oh, and BTW, I am an anthropologist, I know very little about circuits or electrical anything. I am damn good at learning new things though.

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I assume you've already seen this thread http://hauntforum.com/showthread.php?t=20809 . Each spotlight with one hanger (adjuster), wingnut and platform cost about 50 cents completed.

I had about 75 of them this year and they worked flawlessly for 6 weeks outdoors.

I'm going to be making another 100 or so this winter and hope to make a detailed "How to" if you are interested.
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