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Thanks ScareFX! BTW, your witch/cauldron is awesome. It is what inspired me to build one. Mr. Unpleasant's is beautifully done also. I'll definitely read his blog and contact him. I also noticed on your site that Damon Wilde created one using a mask so I am curious if he used the same technology?

I also wanted to use a mask and bought it and hands last year then chickened out on building it. If it is not really hard, I would also like to have the head turning on a timer or something so she only moves it periodically. But again, this is ALL new territory for me.

Thanks again for replying!
Thanks Daphne. Damon Wilde told me he used a douglas fir talking tree for the face and yard reindeer motors for the body movement.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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