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I made a Stasis Chamber For my Mad Scientists Lab entry. I decided that my scientist was going to use it for keeping subjects alive/asleep while he experiments on them. When it's set up in my yard I am going to place an alien in it for my Scientist to experiment on. The panel blinks on and off like the linked video shows, and the attached document has my materials list, cost and a tutorial.

View attachment mad scientist entry.doc

Materials list:
2 pkgs Faceted beads from Walmart 1.97 ea 3.94
2 6 cup muffin tins from Dollar Tree 1.00 ea 2.00
4 ½ in self tapping screws 100 for 5.58 at Lowes.com .22
4 1 in yellow zinc screws 50 for 5.58 at Lowes.com .89
5 All purpose glue sticks 20 for 3.00 at Walmart.com .75
1 Rubber band from my newspaper Free
1 pkg. 35 mini lights from Hobby Lobby 2.99
1 cupboard door from Habitat Homes 3.00
1 Dead bolt locking Mechanism from Habitat homes 1.00
1 pkg. ½ in. closure plugs for PVC from Habitat Homes .50
2 pkg. half inch deep flange from Habitat Homes .50ea 1.00
1 pkg. aluminum nut covers (2) from Habitat Homes .10
1 pkg. decorative knobs 2 for 1.00 from Habitat Homes used 1 .50
1 small brass flange from habitat Homes .10
1 Electrical outlet lock from Habitat Homes .50
1 3 outlet plastic fuse box from Habitat Homes 1.00
½ 1x3 salvaged .14/ft x 3 .42
7/16 OSB 24sq. ft x .20 (from a bed someone was getting rid of) 4.80
7/16 plywood 10 sq ft x.20 per rules (found in trash can) 2.60
1/8 underlayment 8 sq ft 13.28/8=1.66 salvage .17x8= 1.36
½ sheet 1/8 plain paneling from Lowes 8.98/2= 4.49
2x3 Acrylic 5.99-40% weekly coupon from Hobby Lobby 3.59
3 furring strips from Lowes .87x3= 2.61
½ salvaged furring strip .87/2=.43-70%=.4x4= .16
2 2x3 studs new from Lowes 1.67x2= 3.34
2 1x3 new Lowes 2x1.35= 2.74 4 1inch Senco staples 23.98/5000=.0048x44=.2112 rounded to .21
84 1 ½ inch Senco staples 29.97/5000=.006*84=.504 rounded to .50
94 #8 sheet metal screws ½ inch 5.58/100=.0558x94=5.2452 5.25
3 small cans Silver blue auto paint from Habitat homes .79x3= 2.37
½ piece salvaged sequentia 8 ft almond wall panel molding Leftover
from redoing bathroom2.28/2=1.14-70%=.342 rounded to .34
½ piece sequentia 8 ft almond wall panel molding new from Lowes
2.28/2= 1.14
Black Rustoleum Paint 1oz for touch up 9.98/32oz= .31
1 ½ yards silver material left over from an ailen costume
1.99 from thrift store 1.99x.30=.597 rounded to .60
14 sq ft of a blue drop cloth by Dupont from Lowes 60sqft for 8.08
8.08/60=.135 rounded to .14x14 1.96
Color printing .25
Odometer from an estate sale 3.00
Liquid nails 1.77/10oz=.0885x2=.177 rounded to .18 Super glue from Dollar Tree 4 pk for 1.00/4= .25
6mm T50 staples 2.98/1250+.00238x50=.119 rounded to .12
¼ container Thompsons water seal clear multipurpose 11.48/4= 2.87
1 small round battery operated light 4pk for 5.00 5.00/4= 1.25

The great thing about this is that you can put a door in the back bottom if you want and pipe fog out through the front. I didn't have money to do this in my build but I may add it later. You can also stage a light in the bottom of the acrylic enclosed area to highlight your prop. I would like to eventually animate the prop I place in side to make it appear that it is just waking up. It is versatile and there is any number of things you can do with it. I placed the light string behind the buttons so they flash off and on.

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A perfect fit for your haunt theme:) You made good use of items from Habitat Homes (and helped a worthy cause at the same time).

I knew those muffin tins were evil....

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Habitat home is my go too place if I can't find it there I move on to other places, but there and craigslist free page are my favorite places!

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Very nice stasis pod! Looks like it can it contain just about any test subject. Great work!

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Wow Very creative! I love the fact that you melted the beads for lenses I may have to try that I think they would work great on my Halloween candy machine.

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I found the melted beads on Pintrest as a sun catcher and thought what if... I started making a circuit board for this contest and was done and still had 45 dollars to spend so I went back to the drawing board. I love the fact to I was able to get this in just a tiny bit over budget.
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