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Earliest Halloween Memory

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What's the first Halloween-related memory you can remember?

For me, it's from the year I was in Kindergarten (1980). I can distinctly remember my mom made me a sheriff costume. I even had a badge and everything. I'm pretty sure the cowboy hat I used was one my parents bought me at Story Land when we all went up to New Hampshire that summer.

I can even remember winning a blue ribbon for my Jack 'O Lantern that year being it had a cowboy hat too.

I don't remember any of the specifics of Trick-or-Treating from that night, but I do remember thinking it was the coolest thing anyone ever thought of. I still do.

What's your earliest Halloween memory?
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I remember being a rock star years ago lol... I forget when I think it was first grade back when I lived in the apartments for a month.
I would say I was about six. I had an old Ben Cooper costume and mask of The Frankenstein Monster, that had a little red light bulb that lit up when you pressed a spot on the costume. Remember getting a lot of candy that night and spilling it out on the floor to make sure nothing was open and such. That's just about it.
We have a LOT of new people here these days, so I thought I'd raise this question from the ashes and see what everyone's earliest Halloween memory is.
My earliest Halloween memory was going to the Halloween party at our church. My mom got me a pony costume so I wouldn't look like everybody else, and I thought I was hot stuff. The church had these decorations they used year after year; great stuff from the 40's and 50's. They still had them until about 3 years ago, when they were replaced. I guess that's where I got my love for vintage Halloween decorations; all those church parties where I had such a great time! :jol:
My earliest memory is my father building a cardboard house that just didnt work and my sisters dressed me as a woman so i could go out.
My mother made a Peter Pan costume one year,but everyone thought I was Robin Hood.Maybe cause my little brother would not dress as Tinkerbell.
I remember trick or treating with my mom and my best friend. We lived in tiny, close-knit farming town, so we just walked straight out our front door and hit neighbor after neighbor, stopping to talk, take pictures, and wave to friends we passed. Nothing quite so cool as that--a leisurely trick or treat by dim streetlights, and nearly everyone in town was participating.
I was in kindergarten. Back then we car pooled so I went to school that day in a neighbor's Gremlin (hey it was the 70's). We always got the afternoon to have a Halloween party at school. My mom made me the ingenious costume of a sheet with 3 holes cut in it, and an elastic band or ribbon that i got to tie around my neck. I loved it though, except that i had to take the whole thing off so that I could bob for apples and i remember that was a very hard game to play lol. I came back home in that Gremlin and I thought I was the bomb as I walked down the street towards my house. I remember flapping the sheet around and trying to act all scary to other people. Went home, had an early supper and went trick or treating with my mom and sisters until we were pooped and full of candy.
I remember going TOT'ing when my sister was still a baby. I can't remeber if she was walking or not but I remember she was being pushed in the stroller while I was collecting candy. I can't remember the costume either but do remember the house who had the person in the gorilla costume who came from behind the house to chase us and the werewolf who was handing out candy at another. I would guess I was about 3 since I am two years older than my sister.
My earliest memory had to be 1984, I still have a polaroid to remind me. I was a ghost that year, I was 5 years old. I remember my mom giggling as she put me in my costume. Then I remember my brother and sister holding my hand for trick or treating cause I could not see anything.
My earliest childhood memory would be the kindergarten age as well. My parents had split when I was 3 and my dad moved to a nearby district (we call Countys districts up in Northern Ontario) So my dad would come in to take my brother and I T&Ting and my mom would hand out Candy at home. Someone gave us an apple one year and my brother went to bite it so my dad took it and threw it on the road. I remember that...

I also remember my mom decorating our porch.. We had an old victorian home. She rented it and brought it back to life. The porch wa an old wooden covered one. she would set up a set of ceramic pumpkins she made (I still have them) and she drew Ghosts and put them on the walls. Each Ghost had a different tie. My brother was a ghost that year with a green bow...

My mom hung a ghost up from the light fixture, it had hair. A few weeks later we had to move (so I think I was 7 then). My friend Jessica and I snuck back into the porch after the new people moved in and I got on her shoulders and got the ghost back... I still have him too....

I like this thread, It brings back memories.
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I remember being dressed up by my mom in a really ghetto goofy costume. My shoes were cut out of sponges and i had one of those really sharp edged masks on...
The year was 1977...I was just about to turn 5. One of the greatest space epics in the history of film had made its debut that summer. My mother transformed me from mild-mannered kindergartener into......PRINCESS LEIA! She made me a white dress with a silver belt and I remember that I wore a white turtleneck underneath it. The best part was that she was able to take my waist-length hair and give me the trademark Princess Leia "cinnamon bun" hair do! Man, I was hot stuff!

That same Hallowe'en, my dad was helping out with the Jaycee's Haunted House that night, so we went by to see him. He was working crowd control and walked us through the bottom floor (the second floor was deemed 'too scary' for younger children'). This house looked haunted in the middle of July at 12:00 in the afternoon, so you can imagine how the added chaos of manufactured scares played on my 4-year old mind. I knew that nothing bad was going to happen, because "Daddy was there", but it was still scary. I remember that they had a vignette of a talking disembodied head (the old 'stick your head through a hole in the tabletop' setup). The lady's face was made up to look corpse-like and she kept pleading for help. To this day, I'm extra squicked-out at the thought of a living decapitated head. There was another room where a guy in a gorilla suit pushed through the "bars" of his cage and lunged at you. My dad was holding my baby sister (about a year and a half old at the time) and she punched the gorilla guy in the face. (She always has been a bruiser! :p ) Everyone around us got a good laugh out of it.
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Earliest Halloween I can remember was 1970 - I was 4...I was a ghost (with a sheet to my knees, white pants and shoes so I wouldn't trip myself), and went ToT'ing with the neighbor kids all around the area...was out 'til WAAAY after dark (4yrs old, remember), was frightened by a few houses, had fun the entire night, and had a ton of candy to carry home...

Lived in Norfolk, Virginia at the time...autumn was autumn, and it's probably the perfect memory.
The earliest costume I remember was when I was in 2nd grade. My mom made me a costume. She didn't ask me what I wanted to be. She made a "Lady Mouse" form Peatrix Potter costume for me. She found a Holly Hobby dress and apron from a garage sale and she decided that's what I was going to be. I wish I had pics of it :(
She made the mouse mask out a the top half of a Clorox bottle (cut the bottle around the middle and then cut off the handle). It was covered with fake fur and it had pipe cleaners for whiskers.
She put a lot of love and creativity into that costume for me. *sniff, sniff*
wow. earliest halloween memory, hmm, must have been about 1st grade I think, I remember my mom and I worked to make a bird costume. I remember sewing feathers onto a leotard for days..lol we used to have a costume parade at the elementary school I went to, so everyone got to parade across the stage one at a time so you could really see the costumes...I remember flying around the stage that year..lol
I also remember going TOTing for HOURS on end, even in the rain and snow. and always walking...never any of this driving crap I see nowdays, and coming home with pillowcases full of candy and goodies.
There was this house on a street a few over that used to "decorate" for Halloween, I always loved going there to see what they had come up with for the year, they had boys a few years older than I that really got into the scare thing..lol wonder whatever happened to them...
I remember my costume. I was around 5 years old and it was a store bought witch's costume with the plastic mask and cape, which was a big deal because mom ususally made all our clothes. I just remember the really distorted view of the neightborhood through those small ovals in the mask.
I have fond memories from when I was pretty small. I remember dressing up as a devil with the plastic face mask with the elastic band in the back.

I also remember being an astronaut with a Baskin Robbins ice cream tub over my head for a space helmet. My mom sewed a "space suit" (blue jumpsuit with white trim and a zipper down the front) that had an Apollo mission patch on it. I used the space suit as pajamas after that.
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