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wow. earliest halloween memory, hmm, must have been about 1st grade I think, I remember my mom and I worked to make a bird costume. I remember sewing feathers onto a leotard for days..lol we used to have a costume parade at the elementary school I went to, so everyone got to parade across the stage one at a time so you could really see the costumes...I remember flying around the stage that year..lol
I also remember going TOTing for HOURS on end, even in the rain and snow. and always walking...never any of this driving crap I see nowdays, and coming home with pillowcases full of candy and goodies.
There was this house on a street a few over that used to "decorate" for Halloween, I always loved going there to see what they had come up with for the year, they had boys a few years older than I that really got into the scare thing..lol wonder whatever happened to them...
1 - 1 of 45 Posts
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