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My earliest childhood memory would be the kindergarten age as well. My parents had split when I was 3 and my dad moved to a nearby district (we call Countys districts up in Northern Ontario) So my dad would come in to take my brother and I T&Ting and my mom would hand out Candy at home. Someone gave us an apple one year and my brother went to bite it so my dad took it and threw it on the road. I remember that...

I also remember my mom decorating our porch.. We had an old victorian home. She rented it and brought it back to life. The porch wa an old wooden covered one. she would set up a set of ceramic pumpkins she made (I still have them) and she drew Ghosts and put them on the walls. Each Ghost had a different tie. My brother was a ghost that year with a green bow...

My mom hung a ghost up from the light fixture, it had hair. A few weeks later we had to move (so I think I was 7 then). My friend Jessica and I snuck back into the porch after the new people moved in and I got on her shoulders and got the ghost back... I still have him too....

I like this thread, It brings back memories.
1 - 2 of 45 Posts
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