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I was in kindergarten. Back then we car pooled so I went to school that day in a neighbor's Gremlin (hey it was the 70's). We always got the afternoon to have a Halloween party at school. My mom made me the ingenious costume of a sheet with 3 holes cut in it, and an elastic band or ribbon that i got to tie around my neck. I loved it though, except that i had to take the whole thing off so that I could bob for apples and i remember that was a very hard game to play lol. I came back home in that Gremlin and I thought I was the bomb as I walked down the street towards my house. I remember flapping the sheet around and trying to act all scary to other people. Went home, had an early supper and went trick or treating with my mom and sisters until we were pooped and full of candy.
1 - 1 of 45 Posts
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