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Earliest Halloween Memory

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What's the first Halloween-related memory you can remember?

For me, it's from the year I was in Kindergarten (1980). I can distinctly remember my mom made me a sheriff costume. I even had a badge and everything. I'm pretty sure the cowboy hat I used was one my parents bought me at Story Land when we all went up to New Hampshire that summer.

I can even remember winning a blue ribbon for my Jack 'O Lantern that year being it had a cowboy hat too.

I don't remember any of the specifics of Trick-or-Treating from that night, but I do remember thinking it was the coolest thing anyone ever thought of. I still do.

What's your earliest Halloween memory?
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One Halloween day I was outside helping my father (I was 5 or 6) and I remember some kids who walked near our house and one of them yelled: 'don't go there, they never have candies!'. I felt sad about it because my parents (especially my father) were not into Halloween at all and the only thing they might have given to these kids in the past was freaking apples !! Ugh !! And I never actually went trick-or-treating because my parents thought it was too dangerous. I lived in the middle of nowhere so how could it be dangerous !! :rolleyes:
Thats where all the crazy old men with razors live, in the middle of nowhere!!
My earliest memory was when I was 5 years old and my Dad had just bought a "movie make up kit" My costume was the Werewolf... a classic LOL Full make up and fur attached with spirt gum I think every place we stopped the wife had to call the husband to the door to see my costume...and you can imagine my repsonse when they asked if I was a dog LOL.... When we finally got home frome TOT'ing I was so tired that my Dad couldn't get all the spirit gum off so I had some still on when I went to school the next day LOL That was the very bigging of what would become my Dad's and later my love of Halloween.
I already mentioned the earliest costume that I remember wearing.

My earliest haunted house memory: I was 5 or 6 at the time. A friend's older brothers set up a haunted house in their garage. I remember having to sit in a grocery cart and one of the brothers pushed me through the dark haunt. All of the actors (3 at most) were wearing masks and they jumped out of hiding places and screamed. I balled my eyes out and tried to get out of the shopping cart. They wouldn't let me out and they tried to muffle my screaming because they were going to "get it" from their mother who warned them not to scare the kids.
Wow, earliest memories... the years all seem to run together. The entire grade school parading down main street in costume with the local business owners giving out candy (one of the joys of small town living). Trick or Treating 'till the plastic tot bag was so heavy I was scared the handle would tear. Avoiding main street because that's where all the "big kids" hung out with their toilet paper & shaving cream & eggs.
I think I was in the 4th grade when one of the local churches put on a haunted house in an old abandoned Victorian that was slated to be torn down. One of my good friends went to that church & asked my brother & I to help. We wore these home-made masks that were panty hose that someone had sewn quilt batting into on the inside & sewn random lines in the batting to look like brains. I'll never forget jumping out from behind a tree and scaring the daylights out of one of my older sisters friends. I've had the Halloween bug ever since.
I can not remember what I was, but I can remember like it was yesterday the sound of the leaves blowing along the street and the smell of them. I remember it being Dark and seeing the shadowy figures running from house to house to get their loot. I was probobly 4 or 5 and I was probobly a cowboy. A childhood accident with a dropped fishbowl pretty much destroyed most of my Moms pictures so I guess I will never know.
Back to the topic, it is those memories that have kept Halloween so dear to me. For a few years around here (Racine, WI) they would have TOT from 2 untill 4 talk about lame. But they have since gone back to 4 till 6. Wich at least leaves around 1 hour of Darkness. It is that time of Darkness wich is truely Halloween to me. It is during this time that as a youth you may feel some fear. The problem with most kids today is they have no fear. So fellow Haunters lets gear up to instill some into them.
The first thin i think of,isnt really a memory,but i know i did this.I was about two,and i was a clown and i was a a halloween party.there was a dance contest, and iwas pretty much just bouncing up and down like babys do,and guess what? I won,out of all the people there.
The first thing i can remember is being a dinosaur a three or four, was like a body suit, but with hole where my legs and arms went and there were little dino hands and feet,and there was a hood over my headshaped like the dino head! i was the coolest costume ever!I wish i still had it...
I cannot remember my earliest costumes, except that I think they were the type of glorified trash bag with cheap mask that unfortunately still sells today. I can remember always thinking that no self respecting monster would go around with a picture of himself on his chest.

I had a dream when I was about 7 or 8, however, that my mother made me a hand-sewn Creature from the Black Lagoon costume. It was made entirely of patches and strips of green cloth, sewn to resemble scales. Odd the dreams that never fade away.
I have a goofy memory. I remember lots of things from when I was very young. When I was in kindergarten I was a Devil, my mom made me a pitch fork out of a broom stick cardboard and tin foil. The costume was store bought.

My earliest Halloween memory is from when I was 3. I went out as Gilligan from Gilligan's Island. I was afraid to wear a mask so my mother had a white hat and made a cardboard cut out of an island and wrote on it Gilligan's Island and pinned it on my chest. She somehow got me tp wear a mask that only covered my eyes. You know the ones that are black, have 2 eye holes and bridge at the nose.

The most vivid memory I have, though, is waking up the next day and the first thing I saw was a small ghost shaped candy holder sitting on my dresser. I don't know why but I always remeber that little ghost.
My earliest Halloween memory was in kindergarten. My mom made me a bride costume, I felt like a princess because the dress had little pearl beads on it and I had never seen a beaded dress before. I got to wear one of my mom's nice necklaces. My mom always made us the lovliest costumes. I loved falling asleep listening to her sewing machine, and getting up in the morning to see the progress.
A huge childhood Halloween moment for me was the year we stumbled upon a huge yard haunt with rotisserie motorized props and all. I was in awe. I spoke of nothing else for weeks. My dad and I built a few simple props for our yard. A guillotine, some tombstones, a static groundbreaker, and some leaf-stuffed monsters. I was really shy and didn't have many friends, but all the kids at school started approaching me to tell me how cool my yard was. It was fun. My dad started collecting rotisserie motors and the following Halloween, when I came home from school, my yard was full of motorized monsters. He had taken the day off work to put it together to surprise me. Every year after that, we built it together.
I guess to me Halloween=love.:)
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I can remember my first Halloween at age 5 very distinctly because both myself and my sister were dressed identically (she's a year younger than me). We were both dressed as witches in costumes made by my whole family. We were not rich but my parents and grandparents were very creative in making our costumes. My grandmother and mother took black cotton fabric and sewed two long sleeved tunics. They added a short capelet and bordered it with those black and white swirled pom poms that dangle from a cord (when my sister and I got too close they would hook into each other). My dad and grandfather made us witches hats out of very thick poster board and cardboard and painted them black. They were held on with chin ties and they stood straight up. I remember how beautiful the night was and how the air smelled of autumn and seeing all the kids going up and down the street with their loot bags. My parents started our tradition of using pillow cases as loot bags. I fell in love with Halloween then and it still remains my favourite time of year.
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I remember being like 3 (too young to go out and trick or treat) and seeing kids in costumes knock at my house and me being fascinated but also sooo jealous that I was still too small to do it myself
Let's see...

Around 4 years old... scared the living hell outta myself by putting on a skull mask and looking in a mirror, spent the next week or two putting it on and jumping out at somebody every chance I got.

A little older... bit a witch who was trying to take through a haunt put on by a local fast-food joint (a Burger King?) because I wanted my dad to come with me and she wasn't letting him... "bit" may be putting it mildly, according to the family lore I ripped into her like a zombie in a Romero flick, my older brother was pretty sure I had gone rabid. But then again, my family tends to exaggerate.

first trick or treat memory- around kindergarten age, I was a soldier that year. For some reason there was a string hanging from my rifle, which dragged on the sidewalk behind and tangled in some leaves, pulling them along. I just about had a heart attack, just knowing a ghost was following me.
I was probably about 6, dressed as a cowgirl,this was my costume every year for about six years, I loved it and didn't want to be anything else. I was out toting with my older brother, age 10, also a cowboy (we loved Roy Rogers). He had a bar of soap, to soap car windows. We had to stop by the convent to show our teachers/nuns our halloween costumes. Dave hid his soap in my cowboy hat. The nuns were ohhing and ahhing over our costumes, and one told me to take off my hat. I started crying, cause I knew I couldn't disobey an nun, but didn't want to get in trouble. My brother got me out of there right away, and took me straight home. I cried all the way home. My earliest Halloween memory.
Halloween Memory

I will never forget this Halloween...I was little, maybe fourth or fifth grade, and I was so excited to be trick-or-treating with my cousin that I had been running ahead with her to the next house all night. My dad yelled at me a couple times not to run ahead of him and not to run over peoples' lawn - it was disrespectful. Well, I didn't listen and I ended up learning my lesson...I ran over this one persons lawn and ran smack dab into the water supply valve for the house. For some reason, it wasn't sunk into the ground properly and it was our of the ground by, like, a foot! My shin smacked that thing so hard that fell to the ground immediatly and my dad had to carry me home becuase I couldn't walk on it. Luckily, I didn't break my shin, but I bruised the bone. My leg was black and swollen for WEEKS!

Moral of the story kids...WALK, don't run, on the ROAD. :(
I have a very vague memory of ToT with my Dad as a very small child. Pre-kindergarten, I think.
There was a house that had some small scares set-up. I wasn't scared but fascinated.
I remember it because my Dad talked about it. I vaguely remember him pointing out things to look at.
I was probably 5. I was a pumpkin, all stuffed with pillows,and I had a little hat that was a stem. I remember my stepdad (who's 6'6) dressed up in a giant bunny costime. He sort of looked like this >

He took me around in my grandparent's neighborhood, and everyone was terrified of him. We had so much fun.
My grandma would always make cakes, and she had these cake topper-ornamental things that were witches and happy pumpkins. My mom still has them, and hopefully I can fanagle those out of her soon.
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He looked like a web address??? Sorry. I'm a smart a$$. That website must not allow hot linking to pictures.
I remember the cold and the home made treats - cornballs in particular. It was a full moon. People gave me candy. What's not to love. I think I was a ghost with a huge (to me anyway) rusty chain around my neck.
I think the youngest I can remember I was Boba-Fet in kindergarten (maybe first grade). The little vinyl costume with the Plastic vacuformed mask with a dinky rubber band to hold it on. I was so excited to be a Star Wars guy! My dad took us out for trick or treats and I was thrilled because he lets us do more stuff than my mom. Man we were gonna stay out waaay past bedtime. Like 8 o'clock!
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