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I'm building a life-size talking caged skeleton this year. I already have a talking skull that I put together from Scary Terry's plans and I've purchased a full bucky skeleton from Anatomical. I was planning on building a cage but I saw an image of a cage from some Transworld 2005 photos.

I surfed over to Eccentric Gryphons and checked out their Dungeon Cage Collapsible Gibbet. It's a full scale replica of the medieval metal-cage torture device used in Europe. Having a bit more money than time right now, I sent them a PayPal payment for $125 plus shipping. It arrived today.

I've got to tell you I'm thrilled. I'm sure I could not have built a better cage in the next 75 days.

There are a few more pics on my blog. Check them out.



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Blackwidow said:
Whoa! :eek: That thing is just awesome ScareFX. I'd say you got a pretty good deal on it too. I have to ask...how heavy is it?

I have to stop reading your posts because you give me too many ideas!
It's light... less than 10 lbs... but seems like it will hold up pretty well. I was expecting something a lot more flimsy since it was plastic. I was happily surprised at the material.

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kevin242 said:
I've been wanting to build my own version of this prop for a long time. I remember seeing a How-To article on building a similar prop, anyone know where I can find it? Google gives me zip...
I looked at two projects before I bought my cage.

This one is for a Mr. Thrifty. I was going to scale it up to Bucky size. But the material cost started to go way up.

Here's one made of wood that I also thought about making.

I used a Scary Terry setup for the skull, http://www.scary-terry.com/buckyservo/buckyservo.htm and a Scary Terry Audio Servo Driver with ISD chip from Cowlacious

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DeathTouch said:
What is your Skeleton going to say ScareFX?

Here was the script I used last year.

Dark Music Up And Under Each Verse

I can see you're looking at me, oh and yes, I see you too
and I sense you fear my presence and you're not sure what to do
if you run…I may just follow, if you stay…I may attack
but, one way or the other, if you stay or run for cover, hear these words I'll slowly utter…WATCH…YOUR…BACK!

Evil chuckles, Crickets/Drone

You're a fool for even coming, for there's zombies on the prowl
but these predators of darkness, are just watching you right now
yes they'll wait…until the moment, you're confused…or you're alone
then, one way or the other, if you stay or run for cover, come the morning we'll discover…JUST…YOUR…BONES!

Evil chuckles, Crickets/Drone

Do I sense that you're not frightened? Do you think it's just a show?
Well then why not lean in closer for there's something you should know?
There's a spirit…right behind you, who was murdered…in this town
and he told me he was smothered, by his sister or his brother, could that be you or the other? TURN…AROUND!

Pause…up on crickets, drone and then…SHOCKER scream effect!!! Evil laughter

I have come to issue warnings, to you mortals here tonight
that the vultures have been circling for their feast is now in sight
if you linger…you'll be sorry, if you scream…I'll never tell
but it's no use calling mother, blame yourself and no one other, hear these words I'll slowly utter…FARE THEE WELL…

Evil chuckles/ Crickets/Drone

There's an old man in my graveyard with his lantern near a hole
it's a fresh grave he's been digging, for this evening's chosen soul
You can run…but we will follow, You can scream…but won't be saved
because one way or the other, if you stay or run for cover, hear these words I'll slowly utter…IT'S YOUR GRAVE!

Evil chuckles/Crickets/Drone/ Fade Out


I recorded and sweetened the script in Sony Sound Forge and mixed two separate channels in Sony Acid.
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