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El Carmelo Cemetery

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I went here for inspiration yesterday,thought you guys would like it.Might help some people.
Hope you like it!
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This looks spooky, but daylight would let you see the details better.
yeah,im going again soon
where is this place?
Pacific Grove,CA.Why?
Prob my computer monitor, but it is too dark for me to make out much of anything.
We stayed at lighthouse lodge in room 216 which is right against and overlooks the older side of the cemetery. There's definitely a vibe or energy one can feel. A cupboard door gently closed on night one as my Wife and I were dozing off but we probably hadn't closed it all the way. Both nights I saw unexplainable lights (likely because of the distance to them) and shadows. I also saw orbs on screen while aiming to take photos from our balcony but not once I had taken the photo. When I walked down to the grass behind the room adjacent to the cemetery I got that uneasy feeling. However, on our balconies in the same relative space I felt peace and calm. During our last night we were in bed and had left about half the water needed for a bath in the tub. This left enough to add a little hot water to in order to grab a quick soak before checking out the next day. Around 11:30/midnight without warning the jets in the tub turned fully on. There is no delay timer button and we were using the lowest setting with the softest pressure. I turned them off and cheked the water level to ensure it was below any electronics before draining the tub and checking the mirror opposite it. I didn't see anyone or anything but we both had weird dreams afterward. I do believe in spooks.
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My daughter and I stayed at Lighthouse Lodge in 2021, yes, I think that is right. Anyway, first night in the main hotel rooms, our room not so great, but I swear to God, I woke up in the middle of the night to little “voices” whispering and talking… not really anything I could make out… but definitely something going on! I’ve never forgotten that… fairies or the little spirits at rest. We moved the second night over to the cottages. There is something really special about El Carmelo Cemetery.
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