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Elevator Drop

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Has anyone done one of these? My concept is to use 4 pnematic cylinders for the upward movement then bleed them out fast for the drop. Add lights to simulate movement also. Sound possible? Ideas?
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my drop will be less that 12 inches
I guess Ill have to build a prototype and see how the landing is maybe add springs to soften the end blow.
maybe add a railing around the inside of the "elevator"
so what do we think a faster let down?
Its been 2 months I was bummed cause I hadnt recived my e mail either Bummer I want to read that article to.
Is there anyone on the MOM board that could cut and paste that article?
I tried to log on and got a blank screen Didnt say no though
Any complaints ? How fast a drop? was it worth the hastle?
1 - 9 of 25 Posts
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