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it's still in it's early stages. let me know what you think. it started out made from pvc but switched to aluminum

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Thats really cool! You might want to re-name it though. LOL. Sorry, mind in the gutter....
need to turn the lights off for this one. it's a bit on the dark side but has the scream and strobe with it. the video doesn't do it any justice at all. 10 times better in person.

Looks great to me so far. I can't tell if you used the same design as the pvc one you built as a proof of concept idea ? Do you have pictures of the prop as you built it ? and the measurments of the pieces you cut to build it ?
it's the same design as the pvc. i used the plastic as sort of a guide before cutting the aluminum as it's way cheaper and you want to work all the kinks out with the pvc, not the metal. i didn't take any step by step pics but you can pretty much figure out the measurements from the pics and vids i took. all in all,the pvc seemed to work prety good, but don't think it would hold much weight.

newer video: [nomedia]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8nBNAzY4cA[/nomedia]
Love it
Nice job on the prop !!!

It looks really good.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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