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Evil Balloon

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Im working on a part to a new prop, and basically im trying to make a bunch of evil balloons.
I made a mache cast of the boomer skull, and put some great stuff in the skull at the top and inserted a legnth of poly tubing in it, you can see this in the picture below. I then took a pair of queen plus black panty hose and cut the legs off, and used the top part to pull down over the skull, and then gathered it together at the base of the poly tubing.
I then took a 4 foot length of 1/8 inch sttel stock and slipped the poly tubing over it, its sort of cool it moves around and bobs in the wind. right now its a bit too top heavy, maybe less great stuff

A few ideas.
I may paint the white part of the skull with blacklite reactive paint. and then light the whole prop with blacklite
I was going to brush the nylon with latex, but this will add to the weight and make it unmanageable for this prop.

What I need help with
Does it look ok with just the nylon ( I think if I paint the tubing black it may be fine)? any ideas on how I can afix the poly tubing securly without so much great stuff (and its added weight)?
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