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"I was Jason's first victim," bubbled actress Bobbi Morgan, who appeared in the 1980 original "Friday the 13th," in which Camp Crystal Lake served as the setting for a slew of murders. "(I) had to jump out of the jeep, and run into the woods where it would be safe. And I ran, and (Jason) finally got me and he slit my throat. He got me! I never even made it to the camp."
#1 Pamela killed you, not Jason
#2 You were NOT the first killed, the boy and girl in the cabin in the beginning were.
#3 The only reason you showed up to this is beacuse they handed out free sandwiches and its the most work you've had since 1984

Heres her IMDB page...impressive *snicker*

1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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