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Since I plan on making my own tombstones this year as well as building a mausoleum, I need to learn some techniques for giving these items a faux stone paint job. Does anyone who checks these forums have any tips or links to good how-tos for this sort of thing? :confused:
I made a mausoleum this year and found a great way to get the look and texture of granite that's fairly cheap and easy....I used asphalt patch (for large holes from home depot)(there is also one for small patch jobs but it is waaay thicker and harder to use!)....after making the walls (4' wide X 5' high) and Dremeling out the outlines of the 'blocks' of stone and giving it a coat of latex, I troweled on the asphalt patch- fairly thin overall, but different thicknesses on different 'stones'- using plastic spreaders that I cut out of a Tupperware like box-kinda like trowels and putty knives, but they were pretty flexible which helped alot... some rounded, pointed and square and used them to give different textures to the 'stones'...I let it dry for 3 days and painted the walls with gray latex....when that was dry each stone was colored with different washes - latex & water mixed- with a variety of stone colors....then aged with spray paint/ water spray...the result was incredible!!!! Looked like REAL granite blocks...used the winged gargoyles that Hunted Props has (on sale now for a helluva lot less than I paid for them in August!) on each side of the door in front...check 'em out- they are really cool!:xbones:
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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