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Favorite Propbuilders

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Who are some of your favorite propbuilders (I know this only applies to the hardcore Halloween enthusiast)?

Some of the people who have inspired me over the years are people like the guys at Devious Concoctions, the guys at Shallow Valley, WormyT, (the first how-to site on the net I found) Scott Messing, and Deathlord.

I must admit though, nearly every day I find another haunter's site I never knew about and add them to the list of some of my favorites. There are alot more that inspire me, but honestly, there's just too many to list.

Got any favorite haunters? Who inspires you to build?
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My Favorite Prop Builders are:

Halloween Propmaster: Great Site and does the Halloween-L movies


Wil aka Deathlord

Scary Terry

And Of Course Zombie-F, whenever I have questions, he is the first person I go to with my questions. I think he has put a lot of time and effort into this site, and forum, and creates great props. I can't wait to visit his haunt this year.

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Oh my God. How could I have forgotten Scary Terry. He's helped me add electronics to quite a few props. He's even an awesome guy to deal with. Very helpful whenever you have a question about anything he's built.
Eric at Vilethings.com :)

His simple popup inspired me to my first air prop.
Jeez, and I forgot about them too! They're my inspiration for doing a four bar inside my crypt!

Long time no see ScareFX. Make yourself at home. :D
Zombie-F said:
Long time no see ScareFX. Make yourself at home. :D
Glad to be here :D Hope to do some contributing soon.
Definitely Eric from VileThings...also Terror Syndicate (love that MM), but #1 inspiration comes from Pumpkinrot aka John (a very cool and talented guy)
There are so many VERY talented prop makers out there (and in here as well) but Terror Syndicate just amazes me.

How could you forget Phantasmechanics the creator of the FCG? This has to be one of the most popular props out there (in one form or another).

Did you mean Shallow Valley or Shaddow Valley? Your link takes me to a web site for a golf course.

Deathlord and Scary Terry have also provided me with many ideas.
Skullandbone.com and TheWidowsDen.com and Pumpkinrot.com and Vilethings.com and, oddly enough, The Carrion Farm!
What about Xtremecreators? Their props are unbelievable!
John from www.Pumpkinrot.com (even though he has stopped talking to a few members here his dark props still look good)
Krough from www.grimvisions.com (The Pumpkinrot Kid) I go to him now instead of John. Really loves to help people.
Eric from www.vilethings.com (Very intelligent and very clear minded)
CC from ImaginEERIEing http://homepage.mac.com/nephilim/imagineerieing/ He puts the E in entertainment.

Even though I talk to him a lot, I forgot his name from http://www.unclebinleysroom.com/dungeon/ Very good making structures out of foam make it look like it's that structure.

And the one that really made me want a crypt http://www.ravenmanor.com/

I can't forget about Mark Butler. He helps me find all these gurus. http://www.halloweenmonsterlist.info/
This brings up a great point:
Is there one site that someone has compiled that includes the bulk of homehaunters' websites?
I like the idea of a list of "Inspirational" sites (rather than "best" or "favorite").

DeathTouch lists the same ones that inspired me to get serious about my display. Mainly ravenmanor (also inspired me to build a crypt, and his home theater is even more impressive), vilethings, and of course the monsterlist.

I'm not on a first name basis with these folks like you guys are, but I'm sure when I get in over my head with all the projects I want to do, I will.
I haden't seen that Xtremecreators site before. HOLY CRAP! I want that Impaler!
In no particular order:

Skull and bones
Terror Syndicate
Vlad and Blackcat
Most of you on this list because in one way or another, you have all inspired me with the things you do.
Bram your the best :jol:,

I find myself drawn towards the more sculptural and convincing haunts than technical haunts. I am also drawn towards creepy mood instead of scares.

Hallowed Haunting Grounds is the haunt that influenced our own haunt the most. I owe a lot of our insperation to the amazing fella's there. I will always regret never being able to see it in person. However, for sheer singular brilliance I have to hand it to PumkinRot. I can't think of a many creative one man show's that can match his.
Agreed, Pumpkinrot really got my creative juices flowing, and has always been there when I needed advice. Rob, I love the lighting schemes you use at Skull and Bone, and keep working toward that look. And of course, the folks here - there's an amazing amount of haunting talent on this forum.
Wow I like this thread, may sites I have never stumbled across before. Gotta check em out before I make my vote ...
I tend to agree with you Skull. I really like the detail and realistic looking displays (Yours included). I am only doing static props right now, but I was thinking of doing some animation for next year. I actually do have one animated prop. I took the motor off my leaping reigndeer and attached to a hand inside a cardboard coffin so that the hand slowly opens and closes the lid. A red light inside and cobwebs make it look halfway decent.

I was thinking of trying some pop-up type props, but I think I should stay with a creepy theme rather than scary, jumpy things. For one thing, you never know if someone is going to jump back or flail their arms and damage part of the display. Plus, I think the idea that something MIGHT jump out and scare you is much more frightening than the scare itself.

So, Skull...I'm curious, how do you rate Terror Syndicate? Their haunt is both highly sculptural and detailed AND technical (and from the looks of it very scary).
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