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FCG for the Mausoleum

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So, I've been posting about my Mausoleum, but have neglected anything about my FCG that's going inside it. Here's my marionette for it. It's the torso from one of those $10 plastic skeletons, the skull is a Big Lots purchase from 3 or 4 years ago. I used the legs for the arms because I wanted them longer than the real arms were, and I used masking tape and wire to make the hands. There will be some fabric added to it in the final product. He is "corpsified" using pantyhose and carpet adhesive. I will not be doing that again. that carpet stuff sucks. I do like the hose for the skin though, and highly recommend trying it, just use an alternate form of adhesive, or liquid latex or something. By the way, it isn't hanging from the final crank mechanism, it's just hanging from the ceiling beam of my garage for the time being to be painted and stuff, so that's why his arms are so stretched out.

I've also included a pic of my painted skull and batwing ornament that goes above the door of the Mausoleum. It's just painted flat black, and let it dry, then took thinned down green, and white paint brushed on and then some splattered and allowed to drip. nothing fancy in terms of painting at all.

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Looking pretty damn good! Can't wait to see the completed project. My boss has taken special interest in your mosoleum. Your setting the bar pretty high for when I start mine next year.
believe me, I can't wait to see it finished either, and actually I'm skipping some things, relatively minor though, I was planning on as this has been a slower process than I hoped.
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