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Finally got something done!

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Well, almost. If this counts? lol... One down, another to go!

Used a Gel Stain (Maple #606) and applied it over one section at a time with a large paint brush, then I just whipped/sponged it off with paper towels. Tried to make some areas darker than others and give it some texture.

It definitely helps hide all the hardware, that's for sure! I may go through and dry-brush a little grey on them, to give them a little "dusty" look.

btw, sorry, I think I screwed his arms on backwards! :xbones:
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Ah yes! Picked clean, but still nice a dirty....that's a great way to make a bucky look good.
Nothing looks better than an aged bucky
looks good Johnny...nice job
Very nice. Maybe that is what I should do to one of mine then try to corpse the other.
I can always corpse over the stain.
Wow Johnny...even something as simple as staining a bucky, your stuff always looks incredible....
He looks good Johnny!
Aww, thanks guys! Me and Mr. Skelly thank you much!
Awesome job! I had done something similar with acrylic paints (click to see), but I really like how your gel stain worked out, and it's probably much more weather-proof than what I did.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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