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fireworks videos

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Hey Lily... when i try and view the videos I get an Oops no video found...
Awful nice of you, BG. Thanks!
Sry BG but I will check into it ..it is working when I click on the video for me though.
the videos worked for me just fine..Thanks Lilly. since i missed the big bang this year and i didn't even go to town to see ours this year but nothing compares to the summerfest ones. all i missed was the sound! but i could the sound here at home from the town ones but just couldnt' see them.
Ooooo.... Aaaaaaaaaa........ Yeahhhhh!!!!
Guess it was my stupid computer at work.... I can see em now.... thanx Lilly!!!
Thanks for your vid DT..
Fireworks are good all the time.
With all the festivals going on up here now . We can go see them almost any night. woohoo
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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