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First Annual Secret Reaper Gift Exchange

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Alright all you hauntihauliks, the first annual "Secret Reaper" is here! You're all familiar with the classic Secret Santa gift exchange during the Christmas Holiday, well, here's a wicked spin on it! So, lets hold off on the candy canes and toy trains and start sending out those skeletons and witch hats!

  • MAXIMUM: $20.00 excluding shipping/handling costs. The gift can either be store bought or even crafted by yourself! Remember, put effort into your gift. Sending out a $0.49 spider-ring isn't going to cut it!:googly:
  • Must be a HauntForum.com regular and have a regular posting streak.
  • MUST send out a gift to their chosen receiver within the posted shipping time. Please do not participate if you don't intend to send an item out!
  • All gifts HAVE TO be Halloween related. Don't let us catch you sending out fruitcake (never mind, that's pretty scary)!
  • Please keep from telling everyone whose name you received. Lets wait until everyone gets a chance to receive their gifts. Then, if you wish, you can let them know it was you who sent them it.
  • NO SWITCHING names!
  • REMINDER: When shipping, PLEASE be sure to get a TRACKING NUMBER!!!

When do we start?

If you want to participate this year, the deadline to let us know by is September 1, 2007. Names will be drawn for members on September 2nd, 2007 and everyone will know who they need to get a gift for by that day. You will also be given an answer of what that person likes and dislikes to make shopping (or making) a bit easier!

Items MUST be shipped by September 15th, 2007!!!

Who's playing? (UPDATED: July 21, 2007)

Ms. Wicked
Haunted Wolf
The Haunter
Haunted Bayou
Sickie Ickie
Macabre Manor
Daughter of Darkness
Merlin (The Quiet One)
BlinkyTheHouse Elf
Adam I

Total: 34

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What is that?
Hey, if anyone else is interested in this, we certainly could do one of these. I do have to stress however, that if a bunch of people pile on and say they want to participate, those people will be expected to participate. In other words, if you say "I want in" please mean it and follow through.

So, who else has an interest in this?
What is that?
It's a Halloween-themed version of the "Secret Santa" gift exchange.
I'd definitely be in. Agreed though, it would have to be strict, just to make sure everyone gets a gift. :D
It's a Halloween-themed version of the "Secret Santa" gift exchange.
Zombie.......trust me on this to handle it......I did the one last year on hallForum....went real good. everyone loved it!
I will totally handle it my friend.....lets get this going!
Wait....... when are we doing this? are we waiting til December?
It should be before Halloween, so everyone can get their gifts in time. :D
yes, if dave-zombie approve it, everyone who enter needs to spend a max of 20 bucks, people get paired 1st week in october and gifts get send out around then from ur secert reaper.....this went awesome last year....
jon, i had u last year i belive...i was johnny933 then on that other place.
onyone who says i want to do it, must be a current member for at least 3 months, as only active members apply to this so now one gets shorted a gift.
once the names are paired up and ur secert reaper is paried with u, address will be sent out so your halloween secert reaper gift comes to you as u sent urs, out to ur match.
This is too much fun.
Must of been another Jon! I wish I participated in one. :D
people get paired 1st week in october and gifts get send out around then from ur secert reaper
I think we should do it sooner than the 1st week of October.
Wit so what do you send like a prop or what?
Anything Halloween-related that you think the other person would like. :D
maybe a rules sheet in order here like in the contests.
do you have to buy something or can you make it?
when do you want to know by?
Basically you send any halloween related items, props, decorations, prop supplies like spot lights or scary soundtracks ...ya know... stuff you would want to receive. And you spend 20 bucks on it, you can make it or buy it or what ever. Then you send it to the person whos name you got and ta daaa you are a secret reaper. I did this on another forum and got a awesome prop they made a sit up and reach thing pop up prop. IT was waaaay better than what i gave, i just bought stuff which in retrospect was kinda lame stuff now that i have seen all you can do here. Im totally in. I cant wait to do it. I agree with a little sooner than the 1st of OCT. Last week in sept would be nice that way you can still incorporate it into your displays.
ok I'm in then!!
Count me in too!
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