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First Horror Movie

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Do you remember the first horror movie that you saw?
I believe the first horror film that I saw was Halloween. I remember seeing this on Halloween after attending a Halloween party. It was a mistake, I was so scared after this movie.
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My first Monster movie was King Kong, the original. My first TRUE Horror flick was The Exorcist. Both put me on a road to which I have never returned.
I watched loads of monster movies as a kid, but my first horror movie, the one that gave me nightmares for weeks, was Dawn of the Dead. I didn't watch it again until high school, and by that point I could handle just about anything.
I honestly don't know what my first was. I remember loving the Creature Double Feature on channel 56, but to remember a specific movie is difficult. I know I saw "Them!" on that show.
My very first Horror movie would be when I was five years old I seen a glimpse of the movie Cujo that my mom was watching she loves horror movies, and the second movie would be Halloween.
My first was Hellraiser. I remember being young watching that and loving every minute.
I can't really remember my 1st horror movie, but it was either Child's Play, Nightmare on Elm Street, or Leprechan. I do remember watching Tales from the Crypt on HBO and the first couple times I saw it, I was terrified of the Crypt Keeper, but I got over it after about the 3rd or 4th time I saw it.
I remember my first horror film very well -- it was the Universal classic: "DRACULA!" starring Bela Legosi. Growing up in the 1980s, it was my parents answer to my wanting to watch films such as Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13'th. Either way, I remember lacking the maturity to appreciate Dracula the way I do now... back then, it was all about the gore, baby... and Dracula sadly didn't deliver the goods. :D
first horror film I remember seeing was the Original Friday the 13th...I was 5 at the time ...no really I came out just fine no mental health problems at all LOL :D

Next horror film I remember seeing after that was The Exorcist...I am still scared by that film to this day..sad I know ;)

I believe my first horror movie was 'Bug'. Anyone heard of this? 'An earthquake releases a strain of mutant cockroaches with the ability to start fires, which proceed to cause destructive chaos in a small town'. :eek:
Man, I'm getting nightmares just from the synopsis! :D
Carrie. It remains my favorite to this day.
i think i was 6 when i saw my first horror movie "the thing" programed me for horror
Oh man. That's a hard one. I'm sure it was one of the old B&W Monster movies, but can't say which one exactly. I think Frankenstein was first. MY first horror movie was the original Night Of The Living Dead. That freaked me out a little. The first movie I saw with gore in it. I think I saw it on tv one Halloween Eve in 1970 maybe.
It's around 1979, I think. I'm not allowed to watch horror films at home (I'm thirteen years old - but still...) so one Friday night while spending the night with my slightly older cousin, he puts on the CBS 10:30 late show: Phantasm. Well, The Tall Man scared me sleepless, and I can't thank my cousin enough!
before VCR's we had a projector. My frist horror movies where from the library on reels, sat and watched the wolfman, dracula ,frankenstein and a giant spider with my dad eating popcorn.Don't really know the names all ,black and white whith no sound. I was 3. The spider one is the one that bugged me the most. hehe. I think Poltergiest was the first one that did damage to my psyche though. That damn clown! I still get that image in my head whenever I go to look under my bed. LOL
Poltergiest... one of the few I've seen too but I rember it because I didn't find it scary at all. Of course knowing all about Polterguists kinda ruined it too...
at 42 i'll could tiellyou my frist horror movie.

i do rember as a kid night gallery scared the **** out of me. still hear bitchen from my sister that becuase of me,that she was not allowed to watch it.
i do rember watching "them"''a a kid and i saw "i marries a spacemonster"or something like that when i was t my uncles when i was real small. best i can do.
feldjager said:
i do rember as a kid night gallery scared the **** out of me. .
Oh yeah! Night Gallery!
That used to scare the crap out of me too!!!
I think my first was one of the Hammer studios Dracula movies with Christopher Lee. It gave me nightmares but somehow I got addicted.
I also saw the Jaws movies at a young age.
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