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First Name - what's your real name?

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i hope i post i right spot wanna make a thread of who's who get to know each other by first names........dont have to if you dont want to......ill start

my names Mike
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If you haven't figured it out by now,

I'm Jeff
heresjohnny said:
I'm John, uh, um, maybe that was obvious
not realy john why not join in on chats? if so sorry i missed ya in there
I'm Clay... bet you didn't see that one commin :)
claymud said:
I'm Clay... bet you didn't see that one commin :)
to tell ya truth i didnt lol....i was thinking claymud stood for like mudmonster or somthing
Dave here.
Mark's the name, don't wear it out. Nice to know everyone's alter ego.
Tom Here :D
Acculy lewlew my alter-egos a guy named spam boy... then theres Horacio Q Zanzabar... Seamore... you know I could do this all day.

pronounced k eye ra

it's like Micky Mouse roll call..lol and I will probably not remember everyone's real names.
People call me Joe/Joey/Joseph/JO/ Joey Joe Joe Junior Chabadoo/Jose/Joey Lajoe
also known as Bill or William ( thats if I'm in trouble ) but not Billy, god help you if you say Billy.

this was a good idea there Mike
They call me Mark. The voices that is.

This almost reminds of the old Mickey Mouse club. I wanted to be bobby, you know. Or is that cubie.
Wow 37 and you remember MM club. I had the hat with ears and knew the song too.
Was I right about cubie or did i screw up his name?
DeathTouch said:
Was I right about cubie or did i screw up his name?
That's Cubby! I used to watch that every afternoon after I got home from school. Mid-seventies, I should think.
I think I was about 5 or 6 at the time and it was in b/w. Also Romper Room and later Soupy Sales.
Take a wild guess what my first name is...
1 - 20 of 504 Posts
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