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Flickering Electric Lantern?

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I'm hoping to have the guy at the entrance to our exhibit this year have a lantern, but it would be cooler if it flickers as though there's a flame inside! I can live with a regular steady glow, but yeah haha.
Do they sell these? I'm assuming they do, but they're probably realllly lame looking.
Or is there any other way I could achieve this effect (short of a real flame lol)?
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Erick with no K, I think I have a few left.
Here's a link to making one yourself and a short vid clip to show what it should look like.
There's lots of ways to do this. Do you want to use 110AC bulbs or LEDs?
They sell LED candels now (not very bright but if one of those would fit, it would be fast and easy).
I use the LED flickering tea lights. I change the wimpy LED to a 10,000 mcd and cut in a 4AA battery pack. Some are really easy to hack. Use some small colored diffusers to spread the light around. If you use a spray-on glass frosting coating it'll look good, too.
I bought out walgreens when they had the led tea candles. They actually had them cheaper than the maker sells them for!
Dollar Store has some that cycle through 3 different colors. That'd be kinda strange for a lantern, though.
You could always hack a McDonalds led toy.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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