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Flying Witch 2013

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Here my flying witch for halloween 2013 I used the following items fo build her
3/4 PVC pipe and fitting, wipermotor, old bike rim, cooler pully and belt and some other items see video. Here the link to it.

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:jol:Abner, she looks pretty cool.:D Are you limited on how much she can weigh (well, duh...yeah....but what are you thinking about top weight can be since she needs a face, hair, costume and paint....how heavy can you go and the wiper motor still move her?) I am intrigued because I have wanted a roof witch, but the thought of drilling a hole in my roof won't "fly" with my husband...this may be a solution to my dilemma.:p
This ought to scare the jeepers out of people!!
I think i can get 2 more pound But the rest will be paper mache and I still can make her lower
I like it but am concerned on the weight also. What is the weight of her already? What are you using for the uprights? Hard to tell, but looks like it might be PVC and a metal tube/bar.
Think of the weather too, will it break with strong winds? Looking good.
WOW!! I really like that!! :) Looking forward to seeing her finished.
flying witch

the uprights are 2 3/4 PVC 4.5 feet, the upright support are metal tube and a shelve support. The witch is two coats hanger and wrap with poster board and plastic. Don't kown weigth but she light,
that is awesome! I have a witch on a broom that hangs in a tree, but would love to actually make her fly!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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