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Fog juice question

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I just gota skull fogger at Party City in the clearance section for 5 bucks. It's made by a company called Fitco and 'recommends' using Fitco fog juice for 'best results.'

Am I right that I can probably just use whatever company's in it? This is the first fogger I ever had so I don't have any experience with them. Thanks.
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Yes, you can use other fog juices in it with no problem. But holy crap! they have those skull foggers on clearance, I'm going to beat feet over to my Party City and find out, probably not though, my store has a whole stack of them. Was the one you got the last one they had, maybe that's why they put it on clearance at your location.
Thanks for replying.

No, they had maybe 5 or 6 of them. It was the Springfield, PA locaiton.
I too bought a fogger from walmart last year but didn't have time to get it going .
I was wondering how long the "juice" lasts .
I have the smaller containers of it.
Hi Lilly, Assuming you still have the lids screwed on tightly, the juice will last indefinitely. I've got two year old stuff that's just fine. I've never actually heard of anyone say that juice they've had in storage has gone bad.
JohnnyThunder, you'd better hope we never meet up at a haunters gathering, cause I'm gonna kiss you, lol. I just bought the last 8, yes 8, skull foggers that our Party City had. WoooooooooooooooooHoooooooooooooooooo
Cool man (about the loot....not the kisses....) :jol:
wow you guys could just print out this last few posts and tha would make a really good scary prop :p

can i have specs on these? i may convince someone to drive me to a party city ....sooo far away though
thanks Vlad but i guess i phrased the question wrong...But yes they are sealed not opened yet.
I was wondering how long the juice last once it is in the fogger and running.
The juice in the fogger will still last for years. At the worst it will "concentrate" some. Nothing a splash of distilled water won't fix but I wouldn't bother - it'll be just fine. I've got fog-juice going on 3 years old and have had no storage or usage problems.
okay thats good to know also but heres what i need to know ..
After you put it in the fogger how long will it be before you have to refill it. i guess the duration of fog coming out. small bottle pint size i believe
Sorry Lilly. The answer to your question is dependent on the size of your fogger, and whether or not you have a good remote, or just the on and off one. For example, a 700 watt heater will usually burn up more fluid than say a 200 or 400 Watt one. The constant on 1200 watt foggers are really juice hogs, more than a gallon a night at full throttle. The small bottles are usually good for one fogger fill up. If you're running a 400 Watt fogger, and you have it running constantly, you'll probably need one refill before Halloween night is over.
I know you have to be careful about running a fogger dry.The pump HATES that...and it's none to good for the heating element either.
The good Doctor is correct as always. A neat trick is to put an extension tube onto the one that currently exists on the fogger, and run it directly into a gallon jug of juice.

I think the thing to remember here, is that it's better to have more juice on hand then you think you need.

I should also add, that many people have different lengths of time during which they're "fogging". So the amount of time you'll need it running may vary from mine. Some communities have limits on TOTing times. I start fogging about 5 in the evening, and I don't ususually have the last TOTer till after 11, and I fog on until midnight, Have I mentioned that I like foggers, lol.
And if it is windy like last year you wont need any juice at all. If it does it again this year you will be able to hear me scream.
Vlad - for the skull fogger, how much juice would you advise I have if I am going to have it on pretty much non stop for 4 to 5 hours?
yeah it does from what i hear. I know I put my fogger away filled with juice in it, well because vlad told me to! i think it just has to be capped
Hi Johnny, I'll let you know tonight when I get home and have a chance to take one out of the box. It'll give me an excuse to crank one of those bad boys up, lol.
cool thanks:jol:
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