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I updated the forums here a little bit today. Firstly, I changed the Monsters Unleashed forum to be a re-direct to their new home. I will leave this up for about a month so that everyone knows where to go and the search spiders can go through and start indexing their site faster than it would happen on its own.

Secondly, I added a forum for Announcements and Events. This is a forum specifically for making Halloween-related press releases and Event notifications. You should also back up your event notification by adding it to our Event Calendar as well.

Third, and finally, I added a link to the HauntForum shop where you can purchase a 2006 HauntForum T-Shirt. This year's design is simply our logo. Next year, I may host a contest to design a new shirt (similar to what HalloweenForum.com does).

Each $20.99 t-shirt purchase generates a profit of $2, which is put towards site maintenance costs.
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