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Frankenbucky free stand.

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I just ordered the eight feet tall frankenbucky (thank you Vlad and Black Cat for the deal on pricing.*check out 'group buy' section of this forum*)

My question is: has anyone ever tried to make one of these stand up on its own? It is eight feet tall and weighs 90 pounds, so it will need some heavy duty hardware.

I was thinking of pounding a steel pipe in the ground and attaching it to the spine with hose clamps. Do you guys think that will hold the 90 pounds? If the pipe is painted black, you won't notice it in the dark, I'm just worried about the hose clamps. Anybody got any ideas?

It comes in a truck on Friday and my party is on Saturday. Need something quick and strong.

Help hauntforum.com, you're my only hope.
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you're my only hope.
*r2d2 noises*

anyway i think it would hold, you could even use zipties, i have zipties that can hold 75 lbs each, if you got like 5 of those you would be all set i think.
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