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FRANKENSTEIN Life Size Prop Project

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Hi folks,

I don't know how many here are real fans of the Frankenstein monster as I am, more specifically, the monster portrayed by Glenn Strange in the 1948 film, Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein. We all know Boris Karloff was great, but from the time I saw Glenn Strange in the two previous movies, and finally in the last film with the new makeup appliances, I totally went nuts for him to the point of trying to build a respectable facsimile of him.

Finally, at the age of 45 years old, and with the grateful assistance of my wife and other sources, I've come very close to having my Frankenstein dimensionally to what he appeared to be in the movie. Below is the latest photo of him with completed padding work, which was not an easy task. There wasn't room for me to get in the photo to give him scale, but he stands 7'-2" tall and can be removed from the custom pedestal I made for him so he can stand on the floor. His jacket is size 52, shoulder width is 24" and his pants are size 46.

We've also acquired the elusive or iconic book and the only one in existence, "The Secrets Of Life & Death" by Dr. Frankenstein.

I hope you all enjoy this.

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WOW, this is AWESOME!! I like the clothes small, kinda gives him size.
Let's not forget Lon Chaney Jr. and Bela Lugosi in their protrayals of the monster.
Awsome Richie
Thanks folks. He'll look much better as I evolve the clothing. Lon Chaney and Bela Lugosi were also great. I have a wonderful and very rare Lugosi bust as he appeared in Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman.

LOL...Morbius, you know how it goes, a piece from here and a piece from there. At least I can say he's Made in America.
Hi PlayFX,

I always intended the sleeves and the pants to look short as they do. But the jacket itself needs to be longer down towards the waist by maybe another 4" As the shoulders become more padded, it causes the jacket to rise up. So a larger jacket is a must. Thanks for your positive comments.
Hi Richie. Great work. What's the body frame made from? I've always been a big fan of the Glenn Strange Frankenstein myself.
Nice job, man. A lot of time involved, I'm sure!
Yeah Sickie, its been very tricky to get the body correct.

Vlad, I'm going to start a thread in the "General Prop Discussion" area and answer your question about his construction. Thanks for your interest.
Very nice, can't wait to see him in person.
Richie, I'm anxiously waiting the how to on the body. Several years ago, I purchased the universal studios licensed frankenstein mask and hands. I have never used them, mostly because I wanted to have a life size frank as a centerpiece prop. I keep saying every year that I'm going to build it but never do. This has really inspired me. It looks awesome!
very cool , great likeness of a great Icon.
Hi Jdubbya,

The photo below was sort of a prototype Frankenstein I built in order to work the bugs out of the design. Believe me, there were numerous things that had to be taken into account with it due to the size. Is this the Universal mask you have or do you have one of the higher quality Calendar versions?

The best part about the one in the photo below was the nearly full length arms. I don't recall the artists full name, but I think his last name is Burnett. The arms came from the same molds as the ones used in Disney World. I believe they have an actor walk around as Frankenstein down there. I didn't use those arms for this new one because I wanted the fingers to be reaching outwards a bit more. But they can easily be worn by a real person for a costume

I did step into the photo with this one. I'm 6' and 178lbs, so if you think this Frankenstein is big and tall, my new one is far taller and wider.

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The Frankenstein looks good, but he's not as scary as the mustached monster standing next to him. Did you make that one out of mache? Or how did you get the wig head to look that scary?
LOL...yeah, we picked that thing up out of a dumpster. Glad it isn't worth much money, especially since the kids egg the heck out of it every year.
How did you do the shoes?
I am a big fan of the original Frankenstein movie with Karloff. I loved the A&C movies when I was a kid but I don't think I have seen those in a long time.

I am Frankenstein's-Monster-green with envy!
How did you do the shoes?
Hi there Sickie,

I'll answer that question in the General Prop discussion area I started, located here:

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