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Jeff from The Frighteners Entertainment has been kind enough to offer our members an exclusive deal where we can get DVDs at wholesale prices + $1.50*.

Starting on April 28th, Jeff will place an order every 8 weeks. So, the deadline for the first order is April 28th, then he'll start collecting orders for the next group buy (8 weeks later), so on and so forth...

There are, however, a few requirements that must be met in order to participate in this promotion. Any member wishing to take advantage of this offer MUST be in good standing here, and have at least 30 new posts in the period of time between orders. So, as long as you're a member who is in good standing and makes at least 30 new posts every 8 weeks, you're golden. This is to avoid new member Trolls from just getting in on the buy and nothing else.

You must submit a your list of movies to Jeff by April 28th. It can be any movie too, not just ones on Jeff's web site. Here are the vitals on how to get in on this:

E-mail your order to Jeff at: [email protected]

Payment Info:
Send payment via PayPal to: [email protected]

Also, Visa/MC via fax or phone (517-529-9521)

Check or money order to
Frighteners Entertainment
4940 Jefferson Rd.
ClarkLake, MI 49234-9754

Remember, get your orders in by April 28th to get DVDs at wholesale + $1.50!!!

For an updated list of who ordered what and what the discs will cost, please go to: http://www.thefrighteners.com/Unpleasant Street DVD buy.htm

*The extra $1.50 covers shipping and Credit Card fees.

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I want to get a few things clear for the next 8 weeks... first this could be any DVD right? So if I wanted to get like gone with the wind that would be good?

second, can you only get one movie at a time or more then one? I better get posting... 30 more here I come...
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