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From fund-raiser to business

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A friend and I ran a fund-raiser haunted trail last year and expect to do it again this year. We had a lot of fun and felt we were successful.
We would like to turn this into a business and are looking for any advice or suggestions that anyone would be willing to offer, especially in the area of legalites, licenses, and acquiring property.
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I am concerned with the business end of getting started. We dont have a building yet, we arent sure which town it will be in exactly, so do we get a business license to keep our name before getting the building? Can we do that using our home address? We live in California, so codes are a mess, and we have already had loads of trouble with our home haunt from the city already because they run their own haunt and dont want competition. So we are applying to the state for the name, once we get it, its reserved for 60 days. What do we do next? We cant afford to rent a space for the whole year...
We are thinking about donating a percentage of our profits next year rather than going all out non-profit... It may not mean we are able to make back all our expenses, but I do think it will help with permits and the city.... Have you considered that already? We are just like you, we plan years in advance for each halloween... :)
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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