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Funny Dancing Skeleton Marrionette

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Kick ass! That rocked most excellently!!! :D :D
OMG.. that was SO cool!!!! lol :cool: I fink I'm in wuv wiff de widdle guy! :eek:
When in New Orleans (often), I take in the street entertainers hanging around Jackson Square, and when last I was there in March, there was a dude puppeting this marionette in exactly the same manner. Something extra funny about the skeleton, though. And your guy was very talented - more so than most.
This was a pretty humorous display. Sort of like a dancing monkey without the inhibitions of flesh and fur. Priceless! :D
i seen this a year or so back but this guy is amazing
omg! that kicked @$$!
omigawd... that was awesome beyond awesomeness...! I'd have thrown him some real cash for that show! Love that lil' guy! :biggrineton:
Love it!! BB King is one of my faves, singing about his guitar Lucille!
Some people are just so flipping talented!!!
Man if I could have pushed a ten threw the screen when little boney was looking into the money pot I would have!!:D
Oh wow! That is so cool! I was cracking up when he was looking at the money pot!
I'm sure it took him tons of practice, but man, he excels at it now. The way he makes that marionette become so expressive is amazing.
That was great beelce..thanks.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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