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Funny kid scaring video

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Saw this while browsing youtube. Some great reactions!
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I have to admit I laughed at kids getting scared, does that make me bad?
That was just TOO FUNNY!!! Really great. And yes I think we are bad people. LOL!
awesome, saves on candy..

Now I am going to have to video tape halloween. What a great way to re-live the fun through out the year!!
That was really incredible, especially when you consider he had just a few well done animated props, and the high energy scares he was getting at his front door. Just goes to show you don't have to have a monsterous budget to give people a great time. Well done and thanks for posting the link.
Watching that video it reminds me that it really is fun to scare little kids.
I loved the part where the little girl was so scared but still yell Trick or treat I rotfl
LOL... LOL... LOL...
That's a perfect example of 'perfect timing'. The doorbell, porch light, banging coffin and then the screams.
I laughed myself into tears.
I love to scare people.
Any idea what he was using to get the different door bell sounds ?:)

great clip though... too funny. Time to invest in cam with nightvision :)
Now that's what i call entertainment!! Too funny. I love scaring kids!! I work with customers all day long so i can even get a naughty child to cry just by looking at him.( i know thats not nice but sometimes they are just brats!) But this video is too cool!!!
That is priceless!!! I laughed and laughed... Even my 2 year old thought it was funny... Made my day when she laughed :)
Just think if everyone would do that it could be like going to 50 dif haunted houses in one night for FREE and you get candy.
Scaring kids is funny Love it!!
Ok, thank you! I loved it! I know I am a sick puppy for loving these things, but that was cool.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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