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If I remember correctly, someone posted about wanting some larger gargoyles. I just found these at Factory Card Outlet for twenty bucks a piece. They're about a foot tall. I think they're worth the twenty bucks because they're foam covered with latex, but their wings are wired for posing...I'm going to replace the latex red eyes with red marbles...And I'm tempted to leave them up all year!

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Those are pretty cool, but you might you have be careful about having them in the sunlight to long.
$20 is a pretty good price!
Yeah, good point! I'll have to keep an eye on them. Good thing they're on the north side of the house...probably won't matter. I'd hate to go out and see them melted all over the roof! I think its latex, but I'm not sure because I've never used the stuff. Just has that feel to me...
Not so much on the melting, latex seems to detiorate in sunlight.
My cement gargoyle stands tall all year long, i guess he protects my house
nicole said:
My cement gargoyle stands tall all year long, i guess he protects my house
It's cool to hear someone else keeps a gargoyle out all year long! I have two rather large cement gargoyles sitting on the edge of the walkway to my front steps. I've opened up the vineyard to U-pick business this month and people usually come to the house if I'm not in the vineyard and ring the doorbell to make arrangements to pick grapes. I've had two different sets of people this week ask me if my gargoyles were "good" or "protective". I tell everyone that gargoyles are guardians and mine are nice unless you aren't! :D There seems to be a somewhat common misconception around here that gargoyles are "evil" :rolleyes: , so I try to be a good PR person for them whenever I get the chance.
That's too bad people think they're bad...gargoyles are supposed to scare away evil spirits (probably doesn't work on Halloween though!). Churches were the first to use them, weren't they?

Can you guys post pics? I'd LOVE to see some cement ones...
gargoyle sites

hers a couple gargoyle sites , cement made or carved
I like to use the pics for a visual for how to make one also.


ps. coming soon my gargoyle eggs (made from picture in the gargoyle store)
hopefully by end of the week!
I recently ordered a gargoyle for design toscano...Im hoping he will be as cool as he looks in the pictures. I plan to keep him out all year on the side of my house. When we move, maybe ill hang him on the front so people know their being watched. LOL.

I'm sure you will like the gargoyle, turtle. Their stuff is usually very nice. I've ordered some dragons from them and been very happy...
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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