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Folks ->
Bundle all in = $100, otherwise $50 for the skelly, $50 for the mask's (both). Looking for local, don't really want to ship (will ship, but buyer pays costs and they will likely be expensive).
Condition ->
Blucky -> damaged in shipping prior, but didn't bother me. Broken ribs, broken collar bone, multiple joint screws weak or falling out. All bones included, however. A bit of scoliosis, and would you believe at least one herniated disc? Kinda like me in real life... (and just like me -> heavy)
Masks -> mostly in good condition, at least 20 years old. Latex, with a dry rot in places (like the bandaged ears). Colors are still good, overall flexibility still decent. These are large masks -> very oversized. Blucky is a standard model, so say ~5'6" or so -> meaning each mask is 3' or so tall
Location is Manassas, Virginia -> area code 20110. More pictures upon request...
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