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getting cheap materials bye bye rag shop

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Recently posted this on Halloween-l. The RagShop near me is closing with 50% and 40% etc discounts! I'm excited!!! I'm thinking of getting Cheesecloth and fabric for a ghost i'm making. I don't know what kind of fabric I need though or how to make some of it green. And how much cheesecloth should I buy? Just need a few points in the right direction...:p
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If the price is right, get as much cheesecloth as you can afford! You'll always be able to find uses for cheesecloth, and if you miss out now you'll kick yourself the next time you have to buy it at full price!
dam buy as much of everything you can--you'll need it (for robes, hoods or what ever you can think of) some day.
Looks like you need to share the info on this place?
lol..... im with dave.... I would buy up as much as you can.... One day you'll be sorry if ya dont :D
but only one day...day two you'll be fine. hehehhehehheheheeee
if you really wanna know it's in Jersey. Most of you should be dissapointed now. All I had was $15 and my sis took me :( I might go again for fabric, but i'm not sure. I got thes $30 talking skulls for $15. They will be great exspecially if I hack them! I'll post pictures and maybe video.
Lots of Rag Shops in NJ. Vlad and I stopped at our local Rag Shop which is going out of business. Most everything in the store was 20-50% off. Nothing in the way of Halloween goodies though. I did manage to rummage through the pattern books and found Halloween costume patterns for 70% off. We picked up a few Patterns for making capes, Mens camelot, pirate costume with 3/4 length coat pattern included, and a vampire outfit pattern.
We also picked up a wood burning tool with detachable bits for foam carving as a spare and two black birds.
Waiting for the store to announce higher discounts before going back to check on material.
For those of you that don't have a RagShop by you it's just like Michael's and Ac Moore stores.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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