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I made this guy last year. He is basically a large carved face blank that I can project on to. (For reference the tombstone is 5ft tall)

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I used Adobe Character Animator to make an animated skeleton puppet using my face that can be projected onto the head. A raspberry pi looks for triggers (PIR and touch) and then projects an appropriate video. It worked pretty well and could be a nice technique for someone looking to customize the singing pumpkins routine.

For next year, I’d like to be a little more interactive. Character animator can animate the puppet on-the-fly on my Windows PC. I’d like to find a way to screen cast the puppet onto the head, so the skeleton can have live conversations with passerbys. I’ve debated trying to run a live screencast to YouTube then playing that stream, but it seems maybe simpler to initiate a zoom call with screen sharing to the Pi. I can SSH into the raspberry pi, but not log in directly without difficulty.

Thoughts anyone?
Hi. What projector did you use. First, it looks great. But some of the projectors I've bought in the past suck. Your's seems to project a nice brightness even when there's lights around. Thanks, Bill
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