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WOW - Lots Going on!!!

We are in full swing getting things ready for Great Lakes
FrightFest `08!!

Our speakers are lined up! We are offering 15 classes / demos this

Door prizes and Special raffle items are arriving daily!

Have you registered???

Signed up for a Haunted House room???
Haunted House Rooms Available: 6

Gathered up your can goods?

Haunters Against Hunger Update: Besides donating to the food bank,
we will also make a donation to the Humane Society.

*****If you have any plans to attend GLFF, even if only for the day,
would you PLEASE go to the site and register. We need to know how
many haunters are coming so there is enough food for all.
And if you are Camping /or staying at the Hotel - you must contact
them separately from my registration. Even if you are sharing a site!

Hotel Discount available - see Message board

Campground info:
URL: http://www.totempolepark.com/index.htm

For Registration and Reservations

Seminar & Demo Schedule Posted

Make n Take / Web Spinner - Tom Byrne Kit price is $11.
Must sign up before May 18th to ensure you can take one home.
Contact Toby at [email protected] to sign up.)

Other Make n Takes - pay at event

Special Raffle: http://www.greatlakesfrightfest.com/raffle.htm
More item will be added

Hearse Parade - bring your ride

For more information, go to:
http://www.greatlakesfrightfest.com or contact me at [email protected]

So where are the Haunters coming in from - this year? Michigan, Ohio,
Illinois, Indiana, Pa (Pittsburgh & Philadelphia), New York, Texas,
Central Wisconsin, Kansas, Canada (several families) - we have had
inquires all the way from Oklahoma City!

Please remember to bring your can goods & pre-register!!

`Only 13 more Days!!

Come and play, meet and greet with other haunters and their families!

~Hauntingly Yours,

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Sounds like a blast

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My have we grown since that picture was taken!!
We probably had about 25 people that year and last
year we had almost 370 pp! LOL
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